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First Home Buyer Loans

If anyone has ever told you that the mortgage application is quick and stress free, then we’re sorry to say that they might have been telling you a fib.

That is unless they were referring to applying through a mortgage broker just like us!

At Tundra Mortgage Broker Melbourne, we specialise in helping first time applicants with all of their needs; whether you’re feeling a little insecure about the task ahead, or if you’d like to take advantage of the wide range of lenders on our panel.

First home buyer loans are some of our most popular services and we aim to find you the most competitive rates, with the fairest terms and the most flexible policies.

How do we do this?

Well, in the past we used to use a magic wand. Unfortunately, the use of magic to find cheap loans has since been outlawed and now we rely on nothing more than our incredible level of expertise and our knowledge of the financial industry.

We work alongside dozens of the most reputable lenders in Australia and once we get in touch with them on your behalf, we will set about comparing their terms and conditions until we find the ones that could benefit your financial situation the most.

That all sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? Well, when choosing our experts here at Tundra, it genuinely is! We take care of the technicalities. We undertake the checks and evaluations. We compare the fairest terms and we do all of this with you in mind!