• Greensborough, 3088

  • If you’re a big fan of all things green and natural, then suburban locations don’t come much greener than Greensborough. That’s a lot of green – but for good reason. This region is maintained by the local authority that have made a point of ensuring that the area retains its natural aesthetics, whilst being able to offer its residents an idyllic way of life.

    With a careful blend or natural scenery, trees dotted along streets and roads, a host of schools and a variety of shops, restaurants and more – most residents consider this region the ultimate location for families. Regardless of this and whoever you are, there can be a number of reasons as to why you might want to move to this area.

    What does Greensborough offer?

    It’s not all about natural scenery however, and for those of you looking for entertainment, you might want to take a look at the nearby Greensborough Plaza (which can be travelled to via car, tram, bus and taxi). This isn’t the only shopping option; the local town centre also offers a stunning variety of retail stores, cafés, home ware shops and much more.

    There’s also the local DVE Aquatic Club for those that fancy snorkelling, swimming and diving. There are also a couple of sports clubs nearby, including the Diamond Valley Athletic club which plays host to no fewer than 750 athletes taking part in more than two dozen sports. There are also several schools and local highways, the majority of which connect directly to Diamond Creek Road. This isn’t the only traffic artery however; you’ll find it easy to get around, thanks to Para Road and Grimshaw Street that both connect to several outlets.

    How do the prices in this region fare?

    This suburb boasts very fair prices, with the average two bedroom home costing around $630,000 AUD, a three bedroom being valued at roughly $675,000 AUD and a four bedroom coming in at $750,000 AUD on average.