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  • Melbourne CBD, or Melbourne’s Central Business District as we often refer to it, is by far one of the most prominent suburban areas in the entire region. As you might imagine, many consider it to be the hub of all business in Australia, but did you know that it also offers some of the most stylish and elegant properties, too?

    If you haven’t heard the name John Fawkner before – then you might not be too well-versed with his work, but any research will tell you that this gentleman was responsible for much of the development within suburban regions in and around Melbourne. That’s why the suburb of Fawkner is named after him, in fact.

    What’s in Melbourne CBD?

    If you’re a fan of markets and shops, then you won’t go wrong with a trip to the nearby Queen Victoria Market – named after non-other than the British Monarch herself. The world-famous Peel, William and Grattan Streets offer borders around the region, but what can really make an even more appealing landmark is the local Yarra River, which borders the Eastern fringe of the suburb.

    If you love parks and natural amenities, then the local Fawkner Park can be a pretty great place for the family to visit – but if you’re after a little more entertainment, then what better place to visit than the local Melbourne Aquarium; an incredibly exciting hot spot that runs right alongside the Yarra River itself.

    What about the property prices?

    Now, here’s where things get really interesting. Although many would consider this region the heart of Melbourne, the average value of homes in the location are actually very affordable when compared to other parts of the country. Considering the sights and sounds in the Central Business District, not to mention the wide range of career opportunities – you’ll be surprised to hear that property values are as low as they are.

    And how much are they exactly? Well, the average value of a modern home with 3 bedrooms is just under $700,000 AUD. Pretty affordable right? Throw in the wide array of local facilities and amenities, not to mention the stunning variety of activities and sources of entertainment in the region (including the well-known Melbourne Cricket Ground and the Princess Theatre) and you have a great location for the whole family.

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